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From first-hand encounters with Komodo dragons to explorations of the stunning national parks of the Flores Sea and Raja Ampat and snorkeling alongside the Manta rays and whale sharks, guests of Rascal will experience the spontaneous warmth of Indonesian culture as part of an off-the-grid luxurious adventure.


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We consult with our guests to understand the type of voyages they seek and provide a unique experience based on their preferences. Action packed and intrepid, remote and relaxed, or entertaining and social – a Rascal voyage can be devised to suit your needs and tastes.

4-night Bali to Komodo Family Adventure

Experience the ultimate family adventure with this exciting five day, four night trip from Bali to Komodo.

4-Night Discovery of the Land of the Komodo Dragon

Explore the beauty of Komodo and its inhabitants, from the Manta rays to the majestic Komodo dragons, on this exciting expedition.

4-Night Komodo Honeymooners & Bridal Party

For the ultimate honeymoon experience, the newlyweds can continue their celebrations in the incredible Komodo National Park.

4-Night Komodo Wellness & Health Retreat

Escape, relax and unwind in the mystical land of the dragons for a unique off-grid, digital detox and wellness retreat.

6-Night Spice Island Culinary Adventure

Embark on a culinary journey with local market tours and food preparation demonstrations by our onboard private chef.

6-Night Bali to Java Surf Safari

Surf some of the world’s best breaks on this six night, seven day surf safari from the comfort and luxury of Rascal.

6-Night Bali to Komodo Family Adventure

Experience the ultimate family adventure with this exciting five day, four night trip from Bali to Komodo.

7-Night Raja Ampat Nature Lovers Adventure

Immerse yourself in the unique and natural beauty of Raja Ampat’s flora, fauna and sea life in its natural habitat on this breathtaking and magical adventure.

7-Night Komodo Land & Sea Adventure

From Manta rays to majestic dragons, our Komodo adventure will take you back in time for a memorable experience like no other.

7-Night Raja Ampat & Triton Bay Diving Expedition

Explore Raja Ampat, teeming with the most bio-diverse marine life on the planet, for the ultimate diving experience.

7-Night Raja Ampat Jungle Lagoons & Caves Adventure

Experience the luxury and comfort of Rascal as you visit the many islands of Raja Ampat and explore the planet’s most bio-diverse seas.

9-Night Raja Ampat Spice Island Adventure

Combining sceneries of outstanding natural beauty, a vast array of wildlife and storied histories, our spice island adventure is a unique journey of discovery and adventure like no other.

9-Night Landscape & Birds Of Paradise Photography Course

Learn how to capture the most stunning and impressive photographs with your own dedicated photographer on board from the comfort and luxury of Rascal with the breathtaking scenery of Raja Ampat and Triton Bay as your backdrop.

10-Night Landscape & Birds Of Paradise Painting Workshop

Enjoy a painting workshop on board Rascal with an award-winning artist on-deck to guide guests in sketching the magnificent sceneries.


The Rascal Voyages Exploration Series in collaboration with Conservation International and their partners, will see Rascal go truly off-grid, offering guests the opportunity to witness unprecedented breakthroughs in scientific understanding of marine biodiversity alongside CI’s team of Indonesian experts and scientists from local institutions. These itineraries will offer the chance to visit virtually untouched areas of extreme natural beauty, becoming a part of scientific history. Adding a new dimension to luxury cruising, the research voyages will maintain Rascal’s commitment to world-class service; Rascal offers unforgettable hospitality experiences – from pop-up island dinners to onboard cocktail parties and unparalleled snorkelling and diving opportunities.


Mapia Atoll Survey

Journey 100 nautical miles north of West Papua, to one of the most remote and breathtakingly beautiful areas in the world. Take part in a pioneering survey of manta rays, turtles and reef fishes, alongside Conservation International and State University of Papua scientists.

Nihiwatu Sumba Survey

Sail via Komodo National Park and southwestern Flores to Sumba. Take part in fascinating exploratory dives with Conservation International and Indonesian Manta Project scientists as they aim to deploy satellite tags on mantas.


With the beautiful Flores Sea and Raja Ampat as our playground, Rascal guests enjoy an unlimited range of activities. Explore hidden bays, climb distant peaks, trek across volcanic land, dive unforgettable scuba excursions, swim with majestic Manta rays and relish candlelit dinners on isolated beaches.

On board we offer navigation masterclasses with the captain, roof deck cinema experiences, scuba diving with our dive instructor for certified divers and scuba courses for beginners, cooking classes with our private chef, wellness treatments, gourmet dining and endless other Rascal experiences.


Whilst additional locations and itineraries can be created subject to seasonal weather variations, we have two main destinations for our voyages.

October – April
Raja Ampat

One of the last frontiers, the seas of Raja Ampat are home to the richest and most diverse sea life on the planet. An underwater mecca offering divers a choice of the best diving opportunities; from a plethora of coral reefs teeming with sea life and WWII Sunken planes, to swimming with the most remarkable whale sharks.

Raja Ampat is also host to indigenous tribes, exotic spice plantations, a fascinating history and breath-taking scenery. Climb volcanoes, explore hidden villages, learn how to cook the local cuisine or name one of the new species of birds that are discovered every week – Raja Ampat is an Indonesian jewel awaiting discovery.

March – November
Komodo National Park, Flores

The breathtaking Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of 3 larger islands (Komodo, Padar and Rinca) and 26 smaller ones, many of which are uninhabited. Komodo and Rinca are home to the native Komodo dragons, respected by locals who believe they descend from a dragon princess.

With its desert savannah landscape, azure seas and verdant bushes, Komodo is an island of contrasts. The islands turn from verdant green to rugged and dry during summer, contrasting against the blue of the seas. The sea around Komodo National Park is famous for its species-rich tropical underwater environments, with more than 1,000 species of fish and 260 types of coral.

Additional locations include:

Alor, Bali, Cenderawasih Bay, Lombok, Moyo, Sumbawa, Sumba.

Further destinations to be added by 2020 include:

Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, and in 2022: Cambodia and The Maldives.



Rascal is ideally suited for corporate bookings. With 5 luxe hand-crafted cabins sleeping up to 10 people, facilities with the latest in design and comfort, four decks to enjoy meetings or socialising, and round-the-clock service to match, it’s perfectly equipped for the corporate trip.

There are many activities to enjoy as a group, or if you’d prefer some personal down-time or R&R, we can assist with treatments and massages. From brainstorms to a tête-à-tête, client entertaining to a group getaway, deal-making or starting a new business venture, we can design a voyage so you get the very best out of your trip.

Corporates can enjoy special packages and benefits. To find out more, please do contact us.